Made in Italy

Our garments are entirely manufactured in Italy according to the highest standards.

Innovation and prevention

Our garments aid blood circulation and prevent your legs from any pain.

Gradient compression

The decreasing gradient compression
is gained through electronic regulation.

Heel and toes

The reinforced heel and comfortable toe give more resistance to our garments and secure their position ontoyour legs.

pack parallax


Choose the most suitable product. For you, we thought of every possible occasion.


Our covering and refined knee high socks provide comfort to your legs.

Fashion and comfort

Check out our collections. They're designed for the comfort of your legs with special attention to fashion.


Modasana Srl is a company that has a great experience in the field of compression stockings and supporting socks.

Our socks and tights are the result of our dedication to work.
To ensure the best quality, the whole manufacturing process is optimized from the beginning to the actual realization and the dyeing of the stockings.

Here at Modasana, industrial and business realities work together to research, develop and manufacture high-quality elastic tights andstockings. We aim to operate in international markets with our innovative stockings, characterized by elegance, wearability and comfort.

Modasana was created to satisfy our need to provide comfort to your legs without forgetting the beauty and quality of a Made in Italy product.

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